Social Work

At Uponti Apparels Ltd, Our people are our greatest asset, and we treat them the way employees enjoy a friendly, casual atmosphere, while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism. The company offers a challenging, rewarding work environment with an emphasis on positive attitudes, listening and teamwork.
Based on the UN universal declaration of human rights, agreement on children’s rights and the basic rights of workers by ILO we are maintaining accountability in the following areas:
Child Labor
Forced Labor
Workplace safety and healthy
Workplace discipline
Working hours
Factory management.
We are also ensuring the following facilities to our employees:
Adequate sanitation and ventilation system
Regular training on safety handling, fire and emergency evacuation etc.
Training and Education on potential health hazardous and harmful substances.
Annuals picnic arrangement for all employees.
Annuals play and prize arrangement for all employees.

We had compliance on below –
BSCI under process